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The music that inspired Primal Scream: Bobby Gillespie’s favourite albums

“We always saw music as a revolutionary force.”—Bobby Gillespie

Bobby Gillespie, the Scottish musician and singer-songwriter best known as the frontman of Primal Scream, has curated a selection of some of his favourite records.

Born and raised in the south side district of Glasgow, Gillespie began life in music as the drummer for alternative rock back Jesus and Mary Chain where he played on the band’s now-iconic debut album Psychocandy. Later, Gillespie would juggle his drumming duties with his second band, Primal Scream, which he founded alongside guitarist Jim Beattie.

In 1985, for around 12 months, Gillespie managed his time with both bands despite the fact Primal Scream has recently signed to Creation Records and ramped up their workload. A year later, however, he left the Mary Chain and recruited Jesus and guitarists Andrew Innes and Robert Young as Primal Scream’s popularity began to gather pace.

Never shy to discuss some of the bands and artists who inspired his formative years as a musician, Primal Scream were regularly compared to the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Stooges as their early material displayed traits of the music Gillespie and his bandmates regularly enjoyed.

Reflecting on some of the records that helped shape his creative vision as part of a feature with The Quietus, Gillespie cited the likes of The Clash, The Stones, New Order and more. “I was a huge PiL fan, I loved the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten/Lydon and when the Pistols split, everybody was waiting to see what he’s going to come back with. Nobody could believe that he would return with this,” Gillespie said of Public Image Ltd’s record Metal Box. “They sounded like nothing you’d heard before,” he added.

See the full list, below.

Bobby Gillespie’s favourite albums:

  • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – African Dub All-Mighty – Chapter 3
  • Public Image Ltd – Metal Box
  • The Byrds – The Original Singles 1965-1967 Volume 1
  • The Clash – The Clash
  • Sly And The Family Stone – There’s A Riot Goin’ On
  • Miles Davis – On The Corner
  • Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
  • The Flying Burrito Bros ‎– The Gilded Palace Of Sin
  • Big Star – Third/Sister Lovers
  • John Phillips ‎– John Phillips (John, The Wolf King Of L.A.)
  • The Rolling Stones – Aftermath
  • Nico – The Marble Index
  • New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies

When referencing the impact of The Clash, Gillespie added: “This album was basically everything I was waiting for. It was my rock & roll. Previous to that, I’d heard rock songs on commercial top-40 radio stations, such as Deep Purple, The Who and Rolling Stones, but it felt like a different generation’s music. So with The Clash, I finally found my thing.”

Source: The Quietus

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