Listen to 'Suicide' the unreleased Paul McCartney song recorded when he was 14-years-old
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Listen to ‘Suicide’ the unreleased Paul McCartney song recorded when he was 14-years-old

Recorded around the time of his 14th birthday, the piano-led track ‘Suicide’ is a contender for one of the earliest songs Paul McCartney ever created.

The song, which McCartney cherished and wrote with the intentions of handing over to Frank Sinatra, gained somewhat of a cult status as The Beatles’ fame skyrocketed. While the track was somewhat buried underneath the mountains of material created during his partnership with John Lennon, ‘Suicide’ often reappeared during numerous different studio sessions which further added to its mystery.

Despite being one of his earliest compositions, the song wouldn’t be given its debut studio take until January 1969 when McCartney laid it down in parts during the rehearsals for the now-iconic Beatles song ‘Get Back’ but was once again added to the ‘maybe’ pile. Almost exactly one year later, a serious studio version of the song was recorded for his McCartney solo album but, once again, Macca decided against it and only a few samples of the track were eventually used.

Over the years the song was spurned further and, returning to the track, McCartney recorded yet another updated demo version in 1974 and handed it over to Frank Sinatra as he had originally planned at the age of 14. Sinatra, however, declined the opportunity and ‘Suicide’ was once again shelved.

Finally, in 1975, McCartney recorded the track yet again and this time for the “rockumentary” film One Hand Clapping made by McCartney and his then band, Wings, at Abbey Road studios in London. However, such is the pattern with this song, once more it failed to appear.

Stream the track, below.

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