We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you a truly special cover of Pulp’s ‘Disco 2000’ from the wonderful Nick Cave to brighten your Saturday morning. Following Jarvis Cocker’s recent Christmas campaign we thought it would be the right time to revisit this cherishable moment.

As artists go, it’s pretty easy to categorise the work of Nick Cave. The creepiest man in the whole damn land—and we say that as a compliment – is, however, always willing to try something new. That is exactly what he did when he took on Britpop royalty Pulp and their equally monarchal track ‘Disco 2000’.

The song was dubbed as a ‘bad cover version’, as was the direction given to Nick by the band, but actually what we have is one of the most idiosyncratic performances you’re ever likely to hear. The reason for Jarvis Cocker and Co.’s direction was that the Nick Cave version of ‘Disco 2000’ was to act as a B-side to their 2002 single release ‘Bad Cover Version’. A post-modern and decidedly Pulp idea taking to new heights by Cave.

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With all the logistics put to bed, let’s get back to the matter at hand. The performance from Cave is quite simply astounding largely because of his laconic and almost annoyed tone throughout.

Obviously only taking the cover as half-serious (as it was intended), Cave rolls through the post-modern lyrics to deliver a sound that beats with his own heart. Dark, dangerous and dirty, he’s not quite at the disco but definitely around the back alley.

Straddling the line between comedy and tragedy, as every artist worth his salt should, the Britpop classic from the ’90s is transformed into a poetic and poignant drawl of rock and roll thunder. Cave does what he does best and that is being 100% authentic in every aspect.

Take a listen to the brilliant Nick Cave cover version of Pulp’s massive Britpop hit ‘Disco 2000’.


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