Remembering the bizarre moment former Bad Seeds member Blixa Bargeld cooked risotto on German TV
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Remembering the bizarre moment former Bad Seeds member Blixa Bargeld cooked risotto on German TV

Blixa Bargeld is famed for being the guitarist and founding member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds as well as being the vocalist in Einstürzende Neubauten but, as it turns out, he’s also rather handy in the kitchen as this clip of him cooking risotto on German TV shows.

We have been digging around the Far Out archives and rediscovered this absolute gem of a clip. Having initially done the rounds a few years ago, we think it deserves a second lease of life. What better way to zen out than watching the avant-garde icon, Blixa Bargeld, showing you how to cook the perfect squid Risotto with black ink while you’re stuck at home in self-isolation?

Nick Cave made this admission about his former collaborator a couple of years ago: “The thing about Blixa is that he always brings something different to the process and has always been an incredible force in the studio, as well”—what’s now evident, however, it that it is not just in the studio surroundings that Bargeld is an incredible force.

The television show, which is hosted by legendary German television presenter Alfred Biolek, regularly invited celebrities to cook with him during his Alfredissimo TV show and Blixa Bargeld didn’t disappoint when it was his turn to show off his culinary expertise.

The choice of dish, admittedly, was a bit unexpected considering the former Bad Seed was a vegetarian for 30-years. However, the musician encountered a change in lifestyle due to the difficulties he had practising vegetarianism in China where he spends with his wife who is of Chinese heritage.

Bargeld tells Biolek during the clip that he finds cooking is “a school of sensual pleasures” and, comically, looks at the presenter with a sense of dumbfoundedly when he asks the guitarist if the squid dish brought back any poignant memories to him.

Somehow, this isn’t even the most bizarre appearance that Bargeld has made on TV as he once starred in a series of strange commercials for German DIY retail giants Hornbach. The clip sees him sit behind a desk promoting the store and it is an oddly captivating combination which sees Bargeld bring something original to the advertising world just like he has with his music throughout his career.

Check out both of the clips, below.

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