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Motion Picture Association reported a $4.2 million loss in 2020

It is not a revelation that 2020 was a terrible year for the world of cinema due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. People locked themselves into their houses and planted before their televisions, with streaming platforms reporting a boost in their profits across the board. On the other hand, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) reported a $4.2 million loss due to the restrictions imposed by government mandates.

In a public speech, the CEO of the MPA, Charles Rivkin said: “We are the industry that drives economic growth across our country. We are the industry that brings 2.5 million jobs to men and women in all 50 states, across a diversity of skills and trades. We are the industry that pays out more than $188 billion to American workers every year. That comprises more than 93,000 American businesses (most of which have fewer than 10 people).”

Adding, “We employ more than 741,000 people across the entire country, including over 150,000 ushers, ticket takers and concession workers in our movie theatres. We are the industry that drives one of America’s greatest exports. $16 billion in export revenue, and a positive balance of trade with nearly every country on the planet.”

While Rivkin publicly lamented the fate of theatres and workers in local cinemas, Rivkin went home with a compensation of $3.2 million which exceeded his previous year’s compensation. That surely provided him with the incentive to go up on stage and preach on the behalf of people who lost their jobs during one of the most dangerous periods in recent history.

Rivkin said, “Theatres completely shuttered. Employees let go. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs or were furloughed. More than 96 percent of independently owned and mid-sized theatres lost 70 percent of their income. And just when things seemed to be coming back, and talk of recovery was everywhere, the Delta variant came in, making everyone fear once again for their health and their economic security.”

Continuing, he added: “So many others would have given up. Many did… To every member of the press who covers us and to everyone in this room who loves movies and, especially, loves going to the movies, I’m here to tell you that unity has helped us prevail through this pandemic – and it’s going to be the secret of our success moving forward. And this industry – will NEVER give up. We will never give up – because we know what’s at stake, not just for us, but for what we bring to the world.”

The MPA reported their revenue as $62.9 million which fell from the previous year’s $67 million. They also made political contributions, donating $25,000 to the Republican State Leadership Committee and $10,000 to the Democratic Governors Association in addition to a $5,000 donation to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign.