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(Credit: Faber & Faber)


Enjoy Lou Reed singing 'Blue Christmas' with Laurie Anderson and friends


Nothing says Christmas like a wholesome video of The Velvet Underground’s very own Lou Reed bringing the festive spirit.

The song, originally written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, gained international fame in 1957 with the great Elvis Presley released his sexy, crooning version of the hit as part of his LP Elvis’ Christmas Album.

Now firmly established as a certified Christmas staple, the song was given a slowed-down Reed revaluation in December 2008 when the man himself performed at the Knitting Factory which would later be included in the DVD A Not So Silent Night.

Joined on stage by the likes of his wife Laurie Anderson, Rufus Wainwright, the McGarrigle sisters, Martha Wainwright, Chaim Tannebaum, and Joel Zifkin, Reed rocked the red festive cardigan as he played around with the song while looking reassuringly at his new bandmates.

“Lou’s songs are full of life and complexity and they’re about people who have names,” Anderson once commented as part of Lou Reed’s inclusion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Candy and Caroline and Little Joe and Junior Dad and the Man. So now they’re all here too, the people from his imagination. Along with his rock and roll groove.”

She added: “Lou knew the difference between himself as a writer and himself as a person and as a rock & roll star. He could shift between these roles with such skill. He could take his fame off like one of his leather jackets or he could decide to use it. The fame itself was never that important. Lou was genuinely proud of what he’d done and could really appreciate his own work. “

Here take a moment to appreciate some of his finest work in the clip, below, and Merry Christmas!