Longy – Promise to my People

To welome the summer sun we are proud to bring you one of the most sincere and exciting singer/songwriters that we have seen in a long time. SS’s are normally seen with the same detestable look that the acronym deserves, normally too quickly dismissed as one in the same Longy is a little bit different, mainly in his acceptance in not trying to differentiate himself.

A lonesome performance under a bridge sets the tone for a harrowing and wrenching track which has all the poignant poise of an acoustic song, plied with personality every twanging string strikes a chord not only through the body of the guitar but the body of your soul. Arriving from Leigh-On-Sea in Essex the decaying glamour of the British seaside rings through every note and that accepting of the inevitable is what lends a little more existential substance to whatever his subject may be.


[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPY09zmLCVY”]


With influences ranging from Ice Cube to Charles Bukowski, what is clear is Longy’s love of lyrics and his intent of compiling a mass of songs dripping with wordsmithery justifies his mysterious nature as most listeners will have a fairly clear image of the man. Simple and heartfelt may seem prehistoric in a time where escapism is the first choice of the populous, but let’s face it some of the most genuinely beautiful things are.


Jack Whatley

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