We dive into the Far Out Vault to take a look at some rare footage of Joy Division putting their spin on The Velvet Underground song ‘Sister Ray’.

We’re no strangers to hearing covers of our favourite artists, but it’s not every day you unearth a gem that features one of our favourite bands covering another. But that is just what we’ve found with this truly incredible find.

London’s The Moonlight Club April 1980, and as Joy Division begin to close out their tour, it would be their last with their frontman Ian Curtis who took his own life on May 18th 1980. It was this night that they chose to cover one of the bands who inspired them the most.

Taking on The Velvet Underground’s epic ‘Sister Ray’, which belongs on the White Light/White Heat album, and changed it into something entirely different. Adding a deeper sense of dread and darkness across the tune they made something that was typically Velvet Underground into something that is typically Joy Division.

Take some time out, relax, and have a listen to the below clip:


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