Lou Reed, the focal point of The Velvet Underground and the endless champion of alternative American pop, had an insatiable appetite for music. He devoured it in volume and considered songwriting as one of the higher forms of art.

Using his love of the literary minds that swarmed his native New York City at the time, such as Ginsberg, Selby and Burroughs, Lou took to his guitar to write poetic pop songs, not only for Velvet Underground but as Pickwick Records’ principal songwriter. He later told SPIN magazine “To be able to achieve what they did, in such little space, using such simple words. I thought if you could do what those writers did and put it to drums and guitar, you’d have the greatest thing on earth.”

While channelling his literary influences lyrically, sonically he drew on from another pool of influences such as classic soul, doo-wop, rhythm and blues, folk, jazz, and early rock and roll. Using all of these valuable materials in the crucible of Lou’s brain always smelted into the finest golden pop songs. From the depths of America Reed created his version of magic.

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Those various influences are naturally seen in Reed’s favourite albums an interesting mix of retro classic and the vintage avant-garde from the soul of the American pop landscape. On a rather scruffy piece of paper, Reed noted his “best albums of all time,” which he submitted for a 1999 magazine interview.

  1. Change of the Century, Ornette Coleman
  2. Tilt by Scott Walker / Belle by Al Green / Anything by Jimmy Scott
  3. Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan
  4. Little Richard’s Specialty Series
  5. Hank Williams’ Singles
  6. Harry Smith Anthology
  7. Does Your House Have Lions, Roland Kirk
  8. Stay with Me Baby, Lorraine Ellison
  9. Mother, John Lennon
  10. Oh Superman, Laurie Anderson & United States

Reed would go on to not only use the influence of those before him but of those after him, always desperate to find a new way to deliver his message, he experimented with is music until the very end. Pushing the envelope wherever he went Reed still found his sweet spot in the sour-candied eye of the American Dream.

Take a listen to the playlist below to hear some of the songs that created a legend.

Here’s What Lou Reed Sounded Like Before The Velvet Underground


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