Following the meteoric rise of Nirvana after their hit album Nevermind had stormed the country, the band were playing in small venues with much bigger crowds and a heightened sense of fandom.

At a show in Texas in 1991, Kurt Cobain was standing in front of one of those bulging crowds when, during a performance, Cobain took a dive into the crowd. From the video below you can see a bouncer struggling to contain the crowd and ends up pushing Cobain in the face. The singer reacted. Badly.

During a performance of the band’s cover of ‘Love Buzz’, Cobain decides to stage dive across a pulsating crowd. After this, the security guard hits the singer when trying to retrieve him. The Nirvana singer retaliates by slamming the bottom of his guitar into the bouncer’s face. With the force of Cobain’s hit, the weight of the guitar. and the metal strap stud at the butt of the instrument taken into account, it’s amazing he wasn’t knocked out cold.

The ponytailed bouncer doesn’t take the blow lightly. With Cobain drawing blood from the bouncer, he pulls the singer from the crowd and soon stands above him and slams him in the back of the head. The room erupts, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic stop playing instantly to diffuse the situation, the crowd heaves and we imagine the gravity of that punch landed heavily and swiftly on the security man’s shoulders.

Cobain was in a fractious mood and had apparently been smashing up the stage sound equipment after being unhappy with the sound. It could’ve been a reason for the bouncer to be no longer willing to deal with a frontman jumping into the crowd and causing yet more work.

The reports say that as the event was calmed Cobain went to hide backstage until he was told the offending bouncer had left the venue. Cobain then returned and the gig continued. Yet, the bouncer was waiting for the band outside, as the trio made their escape the bouncer began smashing the vehicle’s windows. The band escaped unharmed.

Below is the footage of the moment Kurt Cobain hit a bouncer over the head with his guitar.

This video contains scenes of violence

Source: Diffuser / Ranker


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