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Kagoule are back! Listen to 'Monsieur Automation' now


Thank fuck for that. Kagoule are back. Simple emotive and dangerous alt-rock is back to make you weep a few tears of bile, as Kagoule are back to scratch your brains with their new track ‘Monsieur Automation’.

Fresh off the back of their brilliant album Urth the band have been writing, and writing well, if new track ‘Monsieur Automation’ anything to go by. Arriving with their usual fury the band are showing off their sardonic snarls with perfect aplomb.

Of the track, guitarist/singer Cai Burns said: “Not sure what inspired this one. I wrote most of it whilst i was watching Terminator 2, could’ve been that. It was probably that. In fact, it was definitely inspired by Terminator 2. Terminator 2 kicks ass.

“The song came together within minutes, you shoulda seen it, it was a magical event. Usually we play a riff for about 12 seconds and then bail into some kind ‘The Kinks after 12 pints’ jam or something that sounds a bit like a buffering video.”

Take a listen to the track below.