Today, July 3rd 2019, marks 48 years to the day since the world lost The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison.

Morrison, who was living in Paris at the time, was found dead in a bathtub by his then-girlfriend Pamela Courson. Morrison was 27 years old. The official cause of death was listed as heart failure, however, due to French law, no autopsy was performed as it was not required at the time.

The release of The Doors sixth studio album, L.A. Woman, coincided with Morrison’s move to Paris, the frontman deciding to take a leave of absence following an intense few months in the recording studio. Their time putting together the album saw the band work without a producer following a falling out with Paul A. Rothchild.

The group created a makeshift recording studio at their rehearsal space, a location that was dubbed ‘the Doors’ Workshop’, and was positioned in a two-story building at Santa Monica Boulevard. During those recording sessions, a short clip was filmed of The Doors performing a rendition of historic blues song ‘Crawling King Snake’, a track which is more commonly referenced to John Lee Hooker.

While The Doors had been performing ‘Crawling King Snake’ since the earliest days of their formation and, as they sometimes coupled with Morrison’s poem ‘Celebration of the Lizard’, they finally decided to include their rendition of the track on L.A. Woman in what remains as a fitting end to Morrison’s recording career.

While Morrison didn’t perform with the band after the release of the album, a rare live clip of The Doors playing ‘Crawling King Snake’ inside their home studio was secured. It is this performance that is widely accepted as Morrison’s final live show with his band.

See the clip, below.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock


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