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JAWS -Gold


I hope the sun is shining where you are, because if it’s not JAWS and their track Gold may be slightly lost on you. This along with their previous critically acclaimed debut EP Milkshake focuses on the hazier side of life and is managing to soundtrack a summer of love and sunburn.

With hundreds of festivals springing up over the past few years the muddy fields of England have turned in to a pastiche of ibiza in the 90’s. Where touring bands have to subject themselves to hedonistic tendencies surrounded by screaming fans, blissed out socialites and the odd cow or two. To add to this ‘free love, expensive ticket’ vibe, the sun has even come out, this only adds to the nation’s thirst for shady, dreamy rock. Well, at the moment there isn’t a band that better suits the bill than JAWS.

This track is just the latest in a line of ethereal Brit Pop which, takes a decisively heavier turn in comparison to their more recent work. Using distorted guitars and their usual fading rhythm to give the track a little more bite, all accompanied by the usual tom heavy drums and scowling vocals that whine their way into your ears; it gives JAWS the chance to dip their toe into the Grunge pool. Either way, the more aggressive sound suits the band and the project.

Coming out of Birmingham they seem to mesh the styles of various cities across the country, with the Manchester haze, the Thames Valley pop sensibilities and the Scouse swagger, JAWS are showing (as Birmingham always does) that multi-cultural is always better.

With Gold, JAWS are showing that however much we enjoy the blissed-out summer; it will end. But have no fear because when it does JAWS have the fight and the fire to survive the winter.

Catch JAWS at Beacons Festival

By Jack Whatley