Iggy Pop, it’s fair to say, is no stranger to drugs.

With a career which has stretched from the early 1960s, Iggy Pop has found himself creating music through every-changing social climate and genre trends and, while the world around him fluctuated, his creative vision always stayed aligned.

The Stooges, Berlin with David Bowie, the New York punk scene alongside the likes of Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, The Ramones and more; Iggy Pop has been there and done it. While his tours and live shows became notoriously chaotic, Pop’s drug use often spiralled out of control as his addictions lowered him to desperate situations.

Now, however, at the age of 72 and clean of all drugs, Pop is able to reflect on the wild times in his past: “The drugs went away gradually,” he once said in an interview. “The outbursts got fewer and farther between. The big turn for me came when my body began to remember all the times it felt bad. Then I became very, very strong. I really don’t want to crawl under the table and shiver and see little mice running under my eyes for the next fourteen hours. I don’t want my confidence for the next twenty-two gigs fucked with.”

With a new album out and live dates in support of it, Pop stopped by The Jonathan Ross Show to discuss his career. Presenter Ross, trying to reminisce about Pop’s more chaotic moments, asked about a time the former Stooges man electrocuted himself by sticking his tongue in a plug socket: “Well it was an electric train transformer,” Pop corrected him.

“I tried spider webs too. I tried to smoke them. You know you’ve got to start somewhere.”

How was smoking spider webs? “Harsh.”


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