New Order is a band synonymous with the Manchester music scene. Through the seventies and eighties the band, or members of it, were continuously involved in the most seminal moments of Manchester’s musical history. Is there anywhere more fitting to watch New Order than the Hacienda then? No, no there isn’t.

The Hacienda wasn’t just any venue, it was the focal point of Manc music for over 15 years with its presence being felt even now after its demolition in 2002. During the 80’s and 90’s, The Hacienda was the only place to go if you were really keen on the Madchester lifestyle. Opening in 1982 this clip from July ’83 is footage of a building block of the upcoming success being laid, and it was laid with aplomb.

The footage below is a brief look at New Order giving the Hacienda crowd everything they had, with Peter Hook’s bassline being a particular triumph. It sees them performing their not-so-well-known hit ‘Lonesome Tonight’ which came out as a b-side to single ‘Thieves Like Us’ and later ended up on the band’s 1987 Substance compilation.

The band is flawless with many saying that this raw live performance far outranks the recorded version. Hooky’s bass line is so big and heavy it rattles the speakers, Sumner is on point throughout while Stephen Morris is like a metronome all while the band are bathed in an eerie blue light.

[MORE] – Watch New Order interview and perform ‘Blue Monday’ from 1983 

These clips, however inconsequential they may seem, are actually the supporting evidence of how and why music is what it is today. New Order would go on to change musical history with their hit ‘Blue Monday’ – a track many say is the beginning of EDM – The Hacienda would play host to every band worth their salt, and everyone in the crowd that night likely left a New Order fan.


I walk along the street
I look into your eyes
I’m pleasant when we meet
I’m there when you go home
How many times before
Could you tell I didn’t care?
When you turned your back on me
I knew we’d get nowhere
Do you believe in youth
The history of all truth
A heart that’s left at home
Becomes a heart of stone
Do you believe in truth, ooh
The lies we told of youth
A cause we call our own
Beside an empty throne
How many times before
Could you tell I didn’t care?
When you reached out in your sleep
And you knew I wasn’t there
My eyes are made of stone
Just like your sordid home
How many times before
Did you leave my soul alone?


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