From The Vault: Radiohead live from Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, 2003

As we scrape through the week desperately attempting to make it to Friday we delve deep into the Far Out Magazine archives and, at random, pick out Radiohead live from Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2003.

The set, which was recorded in May, kicked off would be a very busy summer for Radiohead as their performance at Glastonbury Festival loomed. Still touring the album Amnesiac and hits from albums that pre-dated that record, the band would release Hail to the Thief in the coming weeks.

Starting off with ‘There There’, Radiohead rolled through the now classics before playing three encores which included the likes of ‘I Might Be Wrong’, ‘Like Spinning Plates’, ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘Karma Police’ before finishing with acoustic Thom Yorke number ‘True Love Waits’.

Here’s the setlist and enjoy the footage below:

01 – ‘There There’
02 – ‘2 + 2 = 5’
03 – ‘The National Anthem’
04 – ‘Idioteque’
05 – ‘Go to Sleep’
06 – ‘Sit Down, Stand Up’
07 – ‘Karma Police’
08 – ‘Paranoid Android’
09 – ‘Everything in Its Right Place’

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