Following from our trip to Sweden last week, the latest episode of Night Trippin’ features songs from Mexico, expect to hear some rare psychedelic gems, OST’s and even some sixties Mexican TV commercials.

Night Trippin’ goes around the world, discovering new and old music from a different country each week with presenter Steven Dove sitting alongside Far Out’s Lee Thomas-Mason.

This week includes Kaleidoscope, Antonio Sanchez, Los Dug Dug’s and a whole bunch more, tune in and freak out.

With a little help from Far Out friends in Mexico, we spoke to Alan Ornelas of La Roma records in Mexico City to pick out some of the tracks (you can see the full listing below).

Los Panchos – Cien Anos
El Tarro De Mostaza – El Ruido Del Silencio
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata – Nasty Sex
Question Mark and The Mysterians – 96 Tears
Tonchos Pilatos – Borracho
Antonio Sanchez – Internal War (Birdman OST)
Jorge Reyes – Comala
Los Macuanos – Alma
Los Dug Dug’s – Te Quiero
Kaleidoscope – I’m Crazy
Sonido Gallo Negro – Cumbia Espantamuertos
Flaco Jimenez – Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio

To hear more of presenter Steven Dove’s work, visit his website here. 


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