Back in 1993, David Lynch create a mini-series of four television commercials for Georgia Coffee and were only aired in Japan.

Created the branded content shortly after the release of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the adverts featured a following sequence of storylines which were splint into four parts with Dale Cooper taken the lead as the main character.

Agent Cooper, reconstructing his search for a missing girl, goes on to experience encounters with the Log Lady and Black Lodge along his journey as Lynch takes the journey of a “damn good coffee” to new lengths.

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The adverts all begin with Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic score, lasting for around 40 seconds on each clip with agent Cooper sipping away on Georgia Coffee is the ever present in all four of the mini episodes.

At the time of its release, Twin Peaks had earned a cult following in Japan and, for the cinephiles located in the country, Lynch’s reputation had grown to lengths previously exceeding most Western film directors.

The commercial series came off the back of a Twin Peaks visual soundtrack which only ever released in Japan and, of course, the fantastic Lynch film posters which had been transformed for the Japanese audience.

Enjoy the somewhat surreal series, below.

(Via: Telegraph)


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