Listen to David Bowie's Christmas impression of Elvis Presley
(Credit: CBS / MGM)

Listen to David Bowie’s Christmas impression of Elvis Presley

Nothing quite says Christmas like a bit of Elvis Presley—even if by that we actually mean David Bowie.

A few years back, 2013 to be exact, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon of The Clash hosted a special festive show on BBC 6 Music entitled ‘This Is Radio Clash’ in a fun reference to the band’s now-iconic 1981 single.

In what was a glorious two-hour session with the trio playing tunes from their personal record collections, The Clash called in a few favours for their first-ever radio show and landed a Christmas message from Elvis himself… or should we say, Mr Bowie.

“Hello everybody, this is David Bowie making a telephone call from the US of A,” he begins in his message. “At this time of the year I can’t help but remember my British-ness and all the jolly British folk, so here’s to you and have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

He does, of course, sign off with the classic: “Thank you very much.”

Enjoy, below.

(Source: Open Culture)

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