David Bowie and Cher 1975
(Credit: CBS Television)

The moment when David Bowie and Cher sang the ‘Young Americans’ Medley’

In 1975, David Bowie made a television appearance that would not only live in the memory of his fans but within the holy grail of ‘TV history’. It would see the suaver than suave Bowie team up with pop icon Cher to deliver a medley of songs in one of the must-see moments of the seventies.

David Bowie was appearing on the newly- solo-Cher hosted show, having decided to go separate ways with Sonny Bono, to promote his new album Young Americans, but what transpired would live in the hearts and minds of many for years to come far beyond the record.

Often referred to as the ‘Young Americans’ medley’ it seems an ill-fitting title. When looking back really the songs that the David Bowie and Cher performed were so varied that the six-and-a-half minutes of musical meandering that occurred deserved its own title, if not its own show.

The amalgamation of tunes rested heavily on the duo’s pop sensibilities, dipping their musical toes across a range of instantly recognisable hits. It makes for wonderful viewing as two of the pop world’s most treasured artists took on some of that same world’s most legendary songs.

A somewhat ‘eclectic’ set of tunes, the duo still applied themselves with their unbelievable showmanship and style to somehow pull off every single one of them, despite the differences in genre and pace. It really shouldn’t have come together as perfectly as it did.

The two stars are so determined for your gaze that one would imagine putting them into the same promo would be difficult, let alone the stage. But the two egos were quickly put aside as respect for one another’s craft reigned.

Bowie’s own website noted: “On paper, it looks a little cheesy, but if you’ve not seen it we think you’ll agree that both singers’ performances are sincere and heartfelt. It shouldn’t have worked, what with Cher’s house band performing the backing and the choice of snippets performed, but it did.”

Take a look for yourself and enjoy the splendour of two of the world’s greatest pop icons doing what they do best. Watch David Bowie and Cher sing the ‘Young Americans Medley’ in 1975.

  1. Young Americans
  2. Song Sung Blue
  3. One
  4. Da Doo Ron Ron
  5. Wedding Bell Blues
  6. Maybe Maybe Baby
  7. Day Tripper
  8. Blue Moon
  9. Only You (And You Alone)
  10. Temptation
  11. Ain’t No Sunshine
  12. Young Blood
  13. Young Americans (reprise)
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