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Chastity Belt


Chastity Belt are a Seattle based band that sound a bit like Florence and the machine. If Florence downed a few pints and shouted about tampons during every gig, that is. They’re an “all girl” group but don’t expect your little sister to be singing their songs in the playground. Giant vaginaPussy weed beer and Nip slip are just three of the tracks listed on new album, No Regrets.

Describing their sound as ‘vagina rock’ and citing sex, violence and Nickelback as influences, Chastity Belt are winning a cult following for their laid back sound and hilariously filthy lyrics. New single and album opener Black Sail backs up the bravado with lead singer Julia Shapiro swaggering and shouting over plinky plonky guitars. It’s awkward but it works.

Black Sail is one of the album’s less aggressive tracks and shows that there’s more to this band than snatches and swear words. The seemingly random lyrics are beautifully carried by a catchy riff that you’ll be humming for days. But Shapiro’s voice is what really stands out. She oozes the confidence and coolness of a far more experienced lead singer without trying too hard at all. Taking her time and going at her own pace, she couldn’t give a fuck what you think of her.

There’s something very self-assured and natural about Chastity Belt. They play with a humility that’s refreshing, given a lot of lesser talented bands are so far up their own arses they can’t even hear music. And that’s a big shame because bands like that could learn a lot from listening to these very gifted girls.

Jason Scott