Charles Johnstone’s wonderfully designed book The Girl in the Fifth Floor Walk Up explores the allure of a pulp fiction narrative, ‘The Blonde’ using a Raymond Chandler excerpt from Farewell My Lovely and nineteen-forties design elements to set the tone.

“It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window. She was wearing street clothes that looked black and white, and a hat to match and she was a little naughty, but not too much. Whatever you needed, wherever you happened to be-she had it. The book, which mirrors his previous self-published title Libby, is based on his muse and long time collaborator,” according to David Strettell.

The book, which comes with a diagram of a building on the inside, is a collection of intimate Polaroid images of model Heather Malesson who offers a glimpse inside private life without being overly explicit.

The book is a photo diary, a scrapbook of images meaning anything you want it to. The imagery, as candid as they are, have been left open to interpretation of the viewer by Johnstone who, in turn manages to capture the purest of personality.

The book is still on sale through Sun Publishers which can be found via this link.

For now, enjoy a small glimpse inside:


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