The Ukrainian revolution of 2014, also known as the Euromaidan Revolution or, at times, the ‘Revolution of Dignity’, took place when a string of violent events which involved protesters, and unknown shooters in the capital city and riot police all clashed.

The result was the then Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, being ousted and the Ukrainian Government being overthrown. 

In the aftermath of the uprising, armed conflict followed in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine and southwestern Russia. In a perilously dangerous situation, photographers Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni headed to the frontline armed just with cameras in a bid to document the people of the frontline.

Working with their project War Dreams in mind, Caimi and Piccinni asked soldiers based at a military base near Donetsk: “What do you see when you close your eyes?” and their series depicts the response.

“We were impressed to see people of all social classes and age gathering for an ideal and truly committed to clear their country from the corrupted government of Janukovyc” the duo said in an interview with Featureshoot. “More than the clashes to us it was crucial to describe the persons: the human aspect of the war more than the war itself,” they added.

“We decided to use a Polaroid because we had this “dreams diary” concept in mind.”

Here is a selection of the pictures taken:

Borys, 74, from Kiev.

“I thought, why are they taking a picture of me and what will happen to Ukraine.”

Denis, 19, from Kiev.

“[I’m thinking] about mother.”

Codename Khmel, 35, from Khmelnytskiy.

“Only a stupid man will express his anger loudly. I, on the other hand, will wake up and quietly revenge.”

Slavik, codename KPD, 24, from Khmelnytskyi region.

“[I’m thinking] about tomorrow’s tasks.”

Slavik, 23, Lviv. 

“I was thinking about my mother who is constantly worried about me and I’m sitting here taking pictures, and about my girlfriend Ulya, I miss her.”


Alla, from Bila Cerkva, Kiev region.

“I was thinking about the fact that we will have no other time to live, to be friends with each other, to construct and to love.”

Orest, 50, from Khmelnytskyi.

“[I’m thinking about] home, daughter, family, peace and quietness in Ukraine. Stability, at least among relationships of people. Glory to Ukraine!”

Codename Krava, 40, Luhansk region.

“I’m thinking about my beautiful wife.”

Yaroslav, 22, from Lviv. Yaro, codename Lys (Fox), 22 years old.

“Usually people measure time in seconds, minutes or days. Here I measure time with the lives of those who give them away, for others to live. How many more?”

Codename Dracula, 30, from Ivano-Frankivsk region.

“I’m thinking why they didn’t take me to the first regiment where all my guys are.”

Maryan, 24, from Ivano-Frankivsk.

“I was thinking about shelling of Moscow.”

Anya, codename Bahira, 19, from Dnipropetrovsk region.

“I was dreaming about the fact that I am already living in a peaceful and free country, about the fact that we have already won and we were celebrating our victory.

“I was thinking about all people who were our enemies who became one nation, one strong nation which cannot be conquered. Glory to Ukraine!”

Codename Marusya, 21, from Dnipropetrovsk.

“I was thinking about the carpet, but I was dreaming about peace.”




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