Beach Boys' Brian Wilson's 10 favourite albums of all time
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Watch Brian Wilson perform a cover of ‘Monster Mash’ from back in 2009

When one thinks of Halloween you wouldn’t necessarily land on the enigmatic man behind The Beach Boys Brian Wilson on your first thought. But, he’s still a big fan of the holiday and we’ve got the proof.

In a 2009 soundcheck, Wilson and his band perform a cover of the notorious Halloween anthem, Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’ with Wilson, in particular, channelling the iconic singer Pickett.

The track has become synonymous with Halloween ever since it’s 1962 release. Originally recorded as a novelty song by Pickett, the song was released as a single on Gary S. Paxton’s Garpax Records label in August 1962 along with a full-length LP called The Original Monster Mash, which contained several other monster-themed tunes. It has remained a mainstay of any Halloween party ever since.

The video below was shared by Wilson today as a celebration of the spooky holiday. The footage, taken when Wilson was performing at The Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey, is a sneak peek into the life and times of Wilson and his band.

Captured ten years ago, it sees Wilson do an expert job of matching Pickett’s classic vocal and deliver a great performance of the song backed by an impressive band. The thing that stands out most about this brief cover is that Wilson is clearly enjoying himself, having fun with friends, and not taking things too seriously. We think that it’s probably what Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett had always intended.

Watch below as Brian Wilson and his band cover ‘Monster Mash’ from back in 2009.

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