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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Bob Dylan's 'Big Pink' is now a public rented holiday home

Anyone who is a fan of Bob Dylan’s The Basement Tapes or The Band’s Music From Big Pink will no doubt be hugely excited – or at least a little intrigued – to discover that the New York home where they were (in part) recorded is now open to the public for holiday bookings.

The property was where Dylan spent some of his most reclusive years from 1967 following a car accident in Woodstock. It is estimated that while staying at the BIg Pink – so named because of a pink skirting that lines the house – Dylan and The Band recorded more than 100 demos.

There is a catch that could be a a little off-putting for those hoping to take a weekend away at the Big Pink and soak up some of its former magic, however.

The basement where Dylan and Band bassist Rick Danko set up their recording space doesn’t actually come as part of the rental – and is out of bounds. Admittedly, that probably does take the edge off.

Anyhow, a night at the Big Pink for you and eight friends will set you back £422 per night – or £1,785 for a whole week. Head here to take a look at the online ad for the Big Pink holiday home.