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Blondie’s Debbie Harry duets with the iconic Kermit The Frog to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’

As part of Blondie Debbie Harry quickly became the iconic face of a generation and likely the decade. An undoubted pop icon there aren’t many people that can outshine her in a duet.

Harry’s quite astoundingly brilliant vocals with Blondie and her own solo projects have seen her duet with some fine singers and artists. Whether it’s the illustrious Iggy Pop or notorious Nick Cave, nobody has ever matched the legendary status of the one and only, Kermit the Frog.

We needn’t give you the lowdown on Kermit, we all know that he is likely one of the greatest actors, finest singers, and best looking leading men in television history. Harry joins the one and only Kermit as part of her cameo on this 1980 episode of The Muppet Show.

In 1980, Harry and her band Blondie were breaking out of the New York and London punk scene and bringing with them a whole new wave of music and fans. Blondie were hitting the big time and Debbie Harry was becoming the face of a generation, a bonafide pop icon. What better way to prove that point than by watching Harry grace the stage of The Muppet Show.

The Muppets were at an all-time high. The 1979 movie (The Muppet Movie) had been a huge success, with one of the tracks from the score becoming a bit of a hit. Kermit’s performance of his feel-good song ‘Rainbow Connection’ had swelled the hearts of the audience and gathered up the last remaining unconverted.

In the clip of Episode 509, after Harry reveals her infatuation with rainbow songs and all the ones they could sing until Kermit suggests “my rainbow song”. She and Kermit then perform a wonderful duet of the hopeful track. While Harry does also feature in the Frog Scout Groups sketch and

A song built on the promise of unity and the healing power of acceptance and love, sung by two growing icons of the time meant that for all the protestations to say otherwise, this may well be Debbie Harry’s best duet.

Watch below as Debbie Harry duets with Kermit the Frog to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’.

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