Watch an animated version of Ridley Scott’s 'Blade Runner' made of 12,597 watercolour paintings

Anders Ramsell, a creative Swedish artist with an admiration for cinema, created 12,597 watercolour paintings in order to craft a 35-minute “paraphrasing” of Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner

Ramsell’s take on the classic film has been named Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition and took the artist a better part of a year to finally complete. While The Aquarelle Edition is designed to pay tribute to Scott’s original film, the artist never intended to create a direct remake and has altered sections throughout his short film.

“Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition” follows the original movies storyline but I have taken the liberty to change a lot of things,” Ramsell explained. “It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie, that would fill no purpose. Instead I wanted to create a something different and never before seen.”

The completed animated film is made up of exactly 12,597 handmade aquarelle watercolour paintings, each specific painting made to a specification which measures in at around 1.5-x-3 cm in size. “I saw an opportunity to dive deeper; enhance its colours and feelings from a new angle,” Ramsell said in an interview with Yahoo. “And also to combine the old technic that is water and pigment with the future that is Blade Runner.” 

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Taking on Scott’s dystopian landscape, Ramsell was able to add his own flair which has resulted in a Monet-like short film as colours flow effortlessly into each frame. “This is as analog as it gets — water, pigment, paper and brush. That’s it!” Ramsell explained.

Finally, Ramsell added: “This one is dedicated to everybody with any kind of heart. Enjoy!”

(Via: Yahoo)