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Baby Strange - California Sun


Baby Strange first gave us that guttural feeling of welcomed dread in 2013 with the release of the dark-eyed ‘Pure Evil’ since then they have been touring with Palma Violets and Slaves and are now looking to turn evil in to a career. ‘California Sun’ is the latest release and it’s Track of the Day.

Ignition Records will release the download and limited edition yellow vinyl on 31st July, but until you can get your filthy mits on that bask in the brooding and sultry composition of an astutely confident band. Slightly removed from their unnerving eye for grime, the band sound comfortable and oozing with suave as they moved to a more polished sound.

The track pleads for sunshine to light up the banality of modern life, something Baby Strange have always had in their crosshairs, but does so more effectively and comprehensively than their previous efforts.

We don’t want the band to leave their punk roots for good however, that energy is still sorely missed in the industry, ‘California Sun’ just shows another string to their bow of bountiful gutter guitar tunes.