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Beacons Festival 2013

Still in it’s infancy as a festival, Beacons can celebrate another successful year, triumphing the desired traits that are long becoming a forgotten dream for t...
The Pixies

The Pixies – Indie Cindy

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. The Pixies have announced a new four track EP titled ‘EP 1’ as the band sign off what has been an eventful summer for a num...
King Kruel

King Krule – Easy Easy

Despite cutting a frail, paper thin, pale exterior you sort of get the impression that Archy Marshall is one young lad you wouldn’t want to fuck with. In Eas...
Neils Children

Neils Children – Trust You

So they’re back, and it must be said, with a huge psyche bang! In a journey that has lasted over fourteen years, Neils Children have meandered down a raucous, e...

Eagulls – Nerve Endings

It's been nearly a week since Beacons and I’ve just about recovered, I think.  The highlight of the weekend, of which there were many, was losing my shit at the...
Fucked Up

Fucked Up – Son The Father

One from Fucked Up for the Track of the Day, these lot will be tearing some ear drums over the weekend at Beacons and they never disappoint. As always they are ...

Drenge – Drenge

We continue with our build up to Beacons Festival this week and the bands we're most looking forward to seeing this weekend are dominating our Track of the Day....
Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt are a Seattle based band that sound a bit like Florence and the machine. If Florence downed a few pints and shouted about tampons during every gig...

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