A strange stop motion cartoon film made by an 11-year-old Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier, a prolific yet controversial film director, is now a fully fledged master of the shock factor as the resulting talking point from his work.

It was only a matter of months ago that Trier claimed he was “worried” that people wouldn’t hate his controversial and “vile” horror film The House That Jack Built enough, a claim he made moments after learning that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had been inundated with complaints about his work.

It’s quite difficult to think of Trier in a normal capacity, a time when he didn’t push the boundaries of film, a time let’s say… when he was a child. Far Out Magazine already looked into the somewhat terrifying film Trier made when he was 14 and, it just so happens that back in 1967 when he was just an 11-year-old boy, the budding filmmaker armed himself with a Super 8 Camera and made a stop-motion animated film about a superhero sausage.

That film, titled Turen Til Squashland… En Super Pølse Film (which translates to Trip To Squash Land…A Super Sausage Film), should not be in any way strange. However, this is Lars von Trier.

Is this where his taste for the bizarre began? His first work, a tale of a bunny abduction sitting alongside some rather unsettling music? I mean, it could be.

The film itself is technically advanced for a child of that age which, goes quite fittingly with Trier’s career on a whole. Amid all the criticism, amid all the fright and the shock, there is always a technically superb shot film. Perhaps Turen Til Squashland… En Super Pølse Film is not as strange as billed, perhaps its the music, perhaps it’s what we now know about the director that puts me on edge. Either way, it’s a fascinating insight into the mind and undoubted talent of Lars von Trier.

Here’s the film:

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