The Libertines were a true phenomenon. Molding the aesthetic look of New York bands like The Strokes, The Libertines were so incredibly British, live and raw they thrilled a sub-sect of London to exclamation and in the end became mega-stars.

There were plenty of reasons for the band’s dramatic rise; the love between the two frontmen, the anarchic and destructive nature of the band, the poetry of the music, and least of all their authenticity when speaking for the common man.

Oasis lead singer Noel Gallagher once said of the band “If Oasis was the sound of the council estate singing it’s heart out, The Libertines were the man behind the dumpster having a go”. High praise?

Either way, one thing was undeniable about The Libertines; their unbelievably energetic, anarchic and undeniably inclusive live performances. They picked fans up by the scruff of the neck and turned them in to gang members with the band as their leaders.

During the band’s inception they played the London toilet circuit, but they made one haunt their home: The Rhythm Factory. The East London venue became a foreword in the indie explosion following these performances.

The video below shows one such performance of the Up The Bracket album opener ‘Horrorshow’, but more importantly the crowd’s reaction to it.

Take a trip back 15 years to see one of the most chaotic, energetic and furious live performances you’re ever likely to see.