Arising from the annals of Dundee, a city historically dampened by the din of old factories and mills a Scottish four-piece called Vladimir are doing their bit to smother the city in a heavier, sleazier smog of their own.

Describing their unique sound as simply ‘bleak’, ‘Come Over’ carries on their tradition of raw fuzzy guitars and seductive Dengler-era rhythms with clear influences Interpol and The Cure with a short distorted track that’s over far too soon.

Following in a long line of respected Scottish bands, Vladimir are already showing the potential to create music not just to sell records but to create music with meaning, with substance to stand the test of time as bands like Franz Ferdinand and The View are frantically trying to scramble their way of the lost property bucket at the bottom of the industry.

The band, only 18, have captured the youthful disregard for civility with their renowned and excessively loud chaotic live shows and come with the complimentary words of Wet Nuns ringing in their ears:

“Like Joy Division, except 1000 times more depressing”

Vladimir released ‘Come Over’ a free download earlier in the month so you get involved now before it’s too late.