Tangerines have shared their debut release ‘You Look Like Something I Killed’, recorded in RIP Studios by Syd Kemp and mixed by MJ of Hookworms.

Formed in Peckham in 2014 by singer and guitarist Gareth Hoskins and childhood friend and drummer Isaac Robson, Tangerines return with another unquestionably catchy track – a continuance of the group’s songwriting after the revered free download ‘Skin Dives’.

‘You Look Like Something I Killed’ was born from early demos aired before Hoskins and Robson could even recruit a full band. Soon after, a chance meeting of guitarist Miles Prestia in Brixton at 4am one morning, where he was asked to join the band there and then, and the recruitment of bassist Ricky Clark allowed the demos to flourish into the bigger, more boisterous and rounded tracks they have become.

9th March – Green Door Store, Brighton
10th March – Start The Bus, Bristol
11th March – Frog and Parrot, Sheffield
12th March – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
17th March – Servant Jazz Quarters (SOLD OUT)
21st April – Purple Turtle, Reading
19th – 21st May – The Great Escape, Brighton
12th June – Field Day, London