Dark Horses, a leather cladded Brighton-based 5-piece fronted by the entrancing Lisa Elle, recently signed to Last Gang Records, joining illustrious company alongside bands such as Crystal Castles. Their sound, self-described as ‘future rock and roll’ is heavy, electronic with the delightful mix of heavy distorted guitars, think Suicide meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In fact comparison to Karen O isn’t a million miles away, if it was ever imaginable to combine her peculiar rock persona with “godmother of punk” Patti Smith you’re about as close as you can can get to describing Lisa Elle.

Here, Lisa speaks to Far Out’s Lee Thomas:

Hi Lisa, how did the band start?

We met hanging out at ‘Needle Thrill’ a now defunct club specialising in drone music, its been an intense adventure since then. Nothing is ever as you expect.

For anyone who may not of heard Dark Horses before, how would you describe your sound?

Chromophonic. Sonic soul music. Future rock and roll…

You’ve joined an illustrious group of artists such as Crystal Castles and Death from above at Last Gang Records, that must be pretty exciting?

Indeed, it feels good to find a sonic home alongside such artists, check out Huoratron also on Last Gang Records.

Has any band inspired Dark Horses? I saw you collaborated with Black Rebel Motorcycle club on your first LP.

We have collaborated with both Robert Levon Been from BRMC and Thomas Meighan from Kasabian, we’ve been lucky enough to be touring partners with both bands so naturally they have been an inspiration. We also seek spiritual courage from Kraftwerk, Die Antwoord and Radiohead, equally John Lee Hooker and Billie Holiday are never far away.

What is a Dark Horse?

Dark Horses is a project, our written aim is “to inspire and to challenge, an empowering agenda aiming high for integrity, invention and grace.”

You’ve released two seven-inch LP’s, where are these available?

They are both limited editions which can be ordered from our website or at our live shows.

Do you plan on recording a full album?

Our first long player has been recorded, for the main part in Michigan’s ‘Key Club’ studios with Richard Fearless producing.

You have a small tour planned in September around Switzerland, will you be coming back to the UK?

Yes we will be performing 3 dates in the UK in both September and October, in London and Brighton (details to be announced imminently) but firstly we’ve been invited to play Festival No 6 in Portmeirion, Wales on the 16th of September, along side a line up which includes New Order, Spiritualized, Death in Vegas, Everything Everything, Toy…Needless to say, we are excited.

You managed to create a mystical persona, almost self-indulgent, enthralling performances, do you find it difficult to put this across to larger crowds?

Our first shows were to larger crowds which, I think, is what inspired us to create such performances in the first place. Precision with abandon.

What is a Dark Horse?

It’s what we are and you could be too.

Thanks Lisa.

Venceremos. x