Darwin Deez is drawing closer and closer to the city of Leeds as he waits to unload his own brand of funky indie pop. Built upon the reputation of his first class live performance, his list of dark lyrics and perky pop hits.

Darwin Deez has been a regular to the city of Leeds of recent years and as he descends upon the Yorkshire town yet again, You Can’t Be My Girl promises what he will doubtless deliver; pop fun with a twisted edge. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing the songsmith you will know his live shows are not to missed with a dance-fuelled set tinged with wit and smirks. In this release’s video, we see Deez expressing that humour as he stalks countless girls as his tongue-in-cheek You Can’t Be My Girl  continues with angular riffs and bouncing bass line.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GinJuHGnPkw]

With Leeds set up to be an unusually sun-baked weekend and the city is now a buzz with the promise of great live acts. Darwin Deez looks set with this release and his arsenal of many more, to take Leeds by the collar and drag them to the dance floor. A summery track of perky guitar and funky bass is just what you need to get you up and realise that today will be, if nothing else, fun.