Back in 2015, Bully were one of the heaviest and hottest prospects around. They tore everything apart and done so with a snarling aggression. Now, following their debut LP Feels like from 2015 the band have announced their new album Losing and to make it an extra tasty morsel of information they’ve shared their new track ‘Feel The Same’ alongside it.

Alicia Bognanno and co. ae back in business and in a big fucking way, with the new track smacking us across the face with 2 minutes of reasons why we loved bully so much in the first place. brash and unabashed the band are competent players but instead choose to thrash their strings, pound their drums and cause a big ol’ racket whenever they can. ‘Feel The Same’, it most certainly does.

Take a listen to the ferocity of the band below on the new song and wait, with us, with baited breath for the release of their sophomore album Losing.